What to Watch at the Convention Thursday

DNC CharlotteSome things to watch for at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday:

1. WHAT WILL OBAMA SAY? Will the president give voters some specifics about his plans for a second term? Also, as he wraps up three days of Democrats assailing Mitt Romney, watch to see whether Barack Obama piles on or strives for a more positive, inspirational tone.

2. EYES ON BIDEN: The vice president’s known for bouts of foot-in-mouth disease, and Republicans have been gleefully pouncing on his lapses. Most recently, Joe Biden told an audience including hundreds of African-Americans that Mitt Romney’s plans would put them “back in chains.” It’s unlikely that Biden will venture off script, however, for a moment as big as his acceptance speech.

3. SPINNING CLINTON: Bill?Clinton laid out the convention’s most forceful case so far for re-electing Barack Obama, leading Democratic delegates into a frenzy of appreciation Wednesday night. No doubt Republicans watching from afar saw it differently. What will the GOP say to deflate the case laid out by the former president?

4. THE OBAMA GIRLS: They’re growing up before the nation’s eyes. See how much Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14, have changed since they were wide-eyed girls on the convention stage for the first time four years ago.

5. NO BALLOONS: And no big stadium. With a chance of rain in the forecast, Democrats have moved their finale inside. Since the final day was originally planned as an outdoor event, there aren’t any balloons waiting to drop in the convention hall. What will organizers come up with to give the convention a properly celebratory finish?

Source: The Associated Press.