What to Do with Unwanted Holiday Gifts

holiday gifts, unwanted holiday giftsDo not let your unwanted presents go to waste, try these ideas instead!

If you are feeling less than giddy over some of the gifts you received this holiday season, this guide is for you. Do not let your unwanted presents go to waste, try these ideas instead!

Exchange or Return?
If your present included a gift receipt, trade it in for something you actually want or get a refund. Do not take too long to return the gift because most stores have a time frame for accepting returns. Before you go to the store, check the return policy.?
Sell it Online?
Your trash may be someone else’s treasure, and a shopper may be trolling eBay for a sweater just like the one Aunt Judy knitted for you this year. Snap some photos of your unwanted gift, write an enticing description and list it on Amazon, Craigslist or eBay. If you have a gift card, list it for a few bucks below its actual value to get it off your hands quickly.?
Regift It (Carefully)?
Some consider regifting to be rude, but others look at it as a way to recycle presents to recipients who may enjoy them more. If you are in the latter group, follow these rules to regift the right way😕
Only regift if the present is something the person actually wants or needs. It is not fair to push your unwanted present to someone who will just want to regift it again.?
Gently used items should be donated to charity, not regifted. Do not take any chances, even if you think the item is just ?gently used.??
You cannot regift to a friend if you have complained to him or her about the original present, and you should never regift to someone connected to the original giver. The worse regifting sin is returning your present to the person who gave it to you. Keep track of your gifts to avoid this obvious mistake.?
Donate It?
Call local charities to see if they can use your gift. Many get an influx of donations when people are in the holiday spirit, but tend to get less after the New Year. That makes this the perfect time to give, and you can even deduct donations on your income tax return.?