What Should You Expect When You Retire?

RetirementEase the road to transition by knowing what you should expect during your retirement.

Retirement is a new phase in life. Some people can’t wait for it to come but still others view it with trepidation. Some welcome it with open arms and see it as a time to finally live life the way they want it to be while others find it as a dark, dreary and empty spot in their immediate future. Do you know what to expect when you retire? To ease the road to transition, here are some ideas on what to expect when you finally leave the rat race.
What Can You Expect When You Retire?
You will have more time on your hands. You will finally have more time to do the things you want to do. Use this opportunity to follow more productive pursuits. Develop a hobby, find new passions, start an encore career or create a start-up. Go see the world or do volunteer work to give something back to your community. What you want to do with your time is really up to you. You’ve earned it.
You will spend more time with your partner. If you are still living with your spouse, you will be spending most of your time around each other for maybe the first time in years. While this can be a good thing, being with your significant other 24-hours a day can bring its own unique set of challenges. Find ways to enjoy that extra time together and further strengthen your relationship.

You may lose most of your social connections. Aside from their regular paychecks, retirees often miss their social connections after leaving work. So, if you are still working, you need to figure out how you can maintain the social connections you now have and establish new connections to keep you from feeling alone and isolated.
You may have to change your lifestyle. Can you afford to retire without changing your lifestyle? Well, most retirees can’t. Since they depend on their monthly pension which is a mere fraction of their usual paycheck, they need to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to make ends meet. Sometimes, you will also find that the investments you have relied on for retirement don’t bring the kind of money that you need to pursue the life of your dreams. You should come up with a contingency plan to prepare for any eventualities. You cannot control your future but if you have a back-up plan, at least you won’t be caught unprepared by life’s surprises.
Retirement is more of a transition than a destination so you may want to take it slow to catch your breath at first but don’t deny yourself the chance to follow your dreams when the inspiration strikes. Live your dreams. It’s about time you do.