What Marketing Tactics Should Your New Small Business Use?

Marketing tacticsSmall businesses can do high-quality marketing for free

If you own a small business, the Internet helps you market like the biggest of corporations do. Even better, there is no need for a splashy, highbrow budget. There are plenty of inexpensive tactics that will help potential customers find you?and help you find them.

1. Curate Content
Content curation means you find news articles, stories, blog posts, videos, podcast and other media types that other bloggers, news agencies and the like have posted. You reshare the links via your social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) and add your own snippets.

Content curation drives traffic to your sites and helps establish yourself as an authority in the field. It also makes businesses that may be similar to yours aware of who you are. Other people or businesses may also reshare the links you posted, thus expanding your name reach.

2. Post Videos, Tips and Information on Your Blog and Social Networking Sites
In addition to content curation, you should create your own content. If you offer editing services, you could write blog posts on various editing tips or on how to select an editor or work with one. You could have a grammar tip of the day and share it via several social networking sites. Customers searching for editors will be more likely to find you, and other businesses and people may reshare your information.

Videos add panache. They raise your business?s ranking in Google search, and many customers are more likely to buy from sites that have video than these that do not. The thought process: a business that can ?afford? video is of a high caliber. Just make sure your video is professional and has a customer-driven purpose.

3. Add Your Business To Google Maps/Local
This makes your business higher in search rankings, directs more customers to your business and lets them leave reviews.

While these are sound tactics, there are some common small business marketing pitfalls that you will need to avoid as well.