What Does The Future Hold For Apple?

Steve Jobs death The recent death of Steve Jobs, the tycoon behind Apple computers, has people wondering what the future of the company will look like.

In 1976 Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak, established Apple computers in Jobs?s parents? garage. On? the Apple website today, there is a large picture of Jobs and the years of his birth and death; 1955 to 2011.

Today, Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple and on Oct. 4 the company released its latest addition to Apple?s catalog: the iPhone 4S. Critics who were expecting the iPhone 5 to be released instead gave the product mixed reviews. ? ???

While Apple is known to be secretive about their product development and release dates, it is true that they also do not tell many of their own employees about the newest gadgets until they are about to be debuted.?

Noah, a consultant for Apple said, ?We did not know that the iPhone 4S was coming out until the 4th. We are not privy to any information that isn’t released to the public.”

Although this may add to the allure and mystique of Apple, it also keeps its consumers from finding out what the company has to offer.

Apple customers appear to be divided in how they think Apple will maintain its hold on the electronic industry.?

Keath Brown, Apple computer user and iPhone owner said, “I think they [Apple] built it up enough. There’s not going to be another Jobs but I think that he was creative and he thought outside the box. I think they have people in place that will bring something to the table,? said Brown who has been using Apple products since the 1990?s.?

When asked what he thought Apple?s best contribution to our world has been Brown replied, ?So far it has to be that they’ve helped to revolutionize music with the iPod. It really changed the music industry. Think about music before the iPod and after the iPod… you could have 600 cds in your pocket.”
An Oct. 6th article in USA Today written by Scott Martin and Jon Swartz, entitled ?Apple?s Future Looks Secure,? talks about Jobs?s overwhelming influence on the company and how there are still bright prospects for Apple.?

?Many say that Steve Jobs’ influence is deeply embedded into Apple’s DNA. Experts point out that there are many capable executives able to carry the torch for Apple?? wrote Martin and Swartz.

Much like its product development, Apple?s future remains a mystery.? Some say that Jobs left behind an empire that was built solidly enough to withstand the tests of time. Others say that Apple may suffer some tribulations with him gone because he had such a major impact on the company.? Only time will tell, but for now, Mac aficionados await the latest release from Apple, the iPhone 4S which is rumored to hit the market on Oct. 14 of this year.