What?s Your Problem?

WomanThis is the question you should be asking yourself about your customers or clients. What?s their problem? When you know what the problem is, you can provide the solution. The thing that makes most people shift or make changes in their businesses or in their lives is pain. Many people, if not most, are motivated to move away from pain far more than they move toward pleasure.

For example, think of someone you know who has had a heart attack. Chances are this person knew they had poor eating habits, high stress, didn?t exercise or a combination of all of the above. Day in and day out they had the thought, ?I really should eat better.? Or, ?I know I should exercise more.?? Unfortunately, nothing changed and they continued doing the same things they always did until that life-changing day when disaster struck, and they ended up in the hospital. It is not uncommon that after a catastrophic event, like having a heart attack, someone makes the change they know they?ve needed to make for some time. It took that terrible, painful event to get them to do what they knew they needed to do for some time.

People need your product or service. However, only you know why they need it. You need to find the problem or the pain that affects your customers and then focus on that problem. Once you do that you can find the way your product can be the solution. Start right now and write down a list of all the benefits that you or your company offers. Then, think about the opposite. Think about and write down the problems or pains that are on the other side of that benefit. Find the pain or problem that you remove or eliminate from your clients lives. Most people don?t go to the dentist until they absolutely must. Some will procrastinate and put it off until they are in so much pain, they can no longer stand it.?

All businesses solve a problem or reduce or eliminate pain. The trick to building or growing your business, no matter what stage it?s in, is to identify the customer?s pain and show how your product takes it away.