Websites that Can Help New Grads Land Their First Jobs

online job, job websitesIncrease your chances of landing your first real job with these websites

After completing your bachelor’s or master’s degree comes one of the biggest challenges you have to face ? hunting for your first real job. With about 53 percent of the country’s recent graduates joining the unemployed and underemployed sector of society, you really have to be creative if you want to land a good-paying job. To help you accomplish this task, here are some useful job websites? that can help you find a job in your chosen field. ? ?

Recognized as one of the best job websites for recent college grads, makes job-hunting a lot easier. It allows job seekers to post their online profiles on the site and leverage the power of their alumni networks to find available entry level jobs and internships. It also offers a private discussions forum to allow interaction between students, recent grads and alumni.

Much like the other website, specifically caters to the needs of recent graduates. By using this online job board, grads can post online resumes so that prospective employers can see them. It also allows users to search available jobs by industry, state or company. Additionally, this website offers helpful articles and resources that can help you get all the answers to your job-hunting questions. ? ?

This website gives users unlimited access to available entry level jobs and internships, continuing education programs and business opportunities. It also offers useful advice and resources that can help you snag your dream job, and allow you the freedom to create job alerts and perform advanced job searches.

What makes one of the leading job websites for recent grads? Well, aside from giving its users the ability to create impressive resumes with its built-in resume builder, the website also allows users to save cover letters and resumes so you can easily apply for jobs with just a few clicks. It also scores jobs relative to a user’s experience so you will instantly know which jobs best fit your qualifications. ?

If you are looking for available internships, graduate programs and jobs abroad, then should be your best bet. The website also offers valuable advice on writing your resume, CV and cover letters, and helps prepare you for your interview.

Without a doubt, these websites can help new grads land their first job so you might as well try one that best suits your needs.