Ways to Get Closer to Your Customers

Get Closer to your customersBuilding close relationships with your customers increases sales

Building close relationships with your customers increases your chances of sealing sales and keeps them coming back to your business. These tips show you simple ways to build those relationships, boost your business and increase customer loyalty.?

Get Involved in the Community?

Get close to your customers by creating a presence in your community. Attending traditional conferences is great, but participating in a community event is even better. Host a booth at a local festival, raise money for a charity or sponsor the high school football team. Becoming a part of the community puts you in direct contact with customers and shows you care.?

Meet Customers in Person?

Text messages, emails and social media make it easier than ever to communicate with customers, but just because these methods are convenient does not mean they are superior to traditional methods. Connect with your customers in person whenever possible to address their problems directly. Like getting involved in your community, meeting in person shows you care.?

Avoid Industry Jargon

Talk to your customers like you would friends. Avoid too-technical language and keep your marketing message accessible to everyone. Instead of filling your promotions with tons of detailed specifications, focus on how your products or services will benefit your customers.?

Personalize Your Message?

Use first names when addressing your customers, send out birthday messages and offer special discounts to your most loyal customers. Make these simple actions part of your marketing strategy to bridge the gap between you and your customers. Show you care by giving personalized attention, and they will be more likely to relate to your business and stick with your products and services.?

How do you connect with your customers? Tell us how you build strong relationships in the comments below!