Ways to Be a Better Delegator

Be a better delegatorEffective delegating helps your business grow

Delegation is about more than just doling out work; it is about helping you and your employees grow into a more effective team for your business or organization. Delegation is an essential part of leadership and is a must-have skill for becoming a successful entrepreneur. These tips show you how to delegate like a pro.?

Understand Why?
Before you delegate a task, ask yourself why. Don’t just focus on getting the job done; instead, think about building a high-performing team, taking advantage of your employees’ capabilities and having the right reach within the organization.?
Plan Delegation Daily?
Great delegation starts with great planning. When considering the tasks of the day, ask yourself ?If I do this myself, what else will not be accomplished?? ?Is there someone on my team who can handle this better than me?? and ?Is there a team member who could benefit from the experience?? The answers to these questions will help you reap the many benefits of delegating.?
To Whom Should You Delegate??
Before delegating, think about the skills, knowledge and attitude that would be most beneficial to the project. Then consider the individual’s work style and ethic. Are they independent? What are his or her long-term goals and interests? Workers need intellectual stimulation, responsibility and challenges to stay interested in their work. Delegate projects that fulfill these needs.?
Are they consistent with the proposed work? Does he or she have the time to complete the project? Will delegating the task to this person require more reshuffling of workloads and responsibilities??
Be Clear About Expectations?
Articulating crystal clear expectations upfront makes sure your delegation plan goes smoothly. Talk to the person to whom you are delegating directly, and be explicit in your explanation of what you expect. Check in on the work from time to time to navigate any potential roadblocks and stay on track.?
Break Down Projects?
Instead of delegating an entire project, break it down into smaller sections to tackle it as a team. One person can be in charge of research, for instance, or phone calls, budgeting or follow-ups.?
Follow Up?
A good delegator closes the loop. For example, if you delegated a task to someone to broaden their horizons or further develop their skills, review what they did well and talk about what they can change to do better in the future. Instead of delegating and ignoring the work, make sure the team is ready to take on the tasks next time and has learned how to do a great job.?
Are you an expert delegator? Share your tips for delegating like a pro with our readers in the comments section below.