Watch Company Owner Marcel Benson Does What He Loves

man seated on a couch
Marcel Benson, founder, Benson by Marcel

“Time should be spent doing what you love” is a mantra that Marcel Benson made his own after working as a consultant for several years and realizing that he was unfulfilled in his line of work. “I wasn’t pursuing my passion,” he says in a video on his website.

So, he did what many entrepreneurs are doing these days: he made his side hustle his main hustle. Benson By Marcel is a company that offers an assortment of watches and bracelets.

We caught up with Benson recently to talk about his work. Why watches?

Marcel Benson: Watches were my first passion. I was given my first piece at the age 7 and have collected 100 since. The feeling I got when I got a new watch was the same wonderful feeling I endeavor to extend to my customers. What’s the best way to stay ahead of the competition?

Marcel Benson: The best way to stay ahead of your competition is to be unique. Figure out what makes you unique and do that to the absolute best of your ability. How important is strong brand messaging to the success of a company?

Marcel Benson: Brand messaging is extremely important, especially if you’re a company that was started in recent years. Shoppers are more conscious now and are making buying decisions based on messaging that resonates with them. Your brand messaging can absolutely be the difference in why a company chooses your product instead of one of your competitors. Was your business affected by the pandemic?

Marcel Benson: The company experienced tremendous growth during the pandemic and that came with a few growing pains. Hiring appropriate team members to handle the new demand was an obstacle as well as adjusting to the bottlenecks in the supply chain What do you know now about business that you didn’t know five years ago?

Marcel Benson: It can be simple, but it’s definitely not easy. You have to show up for yourself with the same vigor everyday even if and when others don’t. Any short to long term goals for the company?

Marcel Benson: To successfully raise this round of funding to capitalize on momentum and scale online and retail footprint.