In V.P. Debate, Biden Takes Center Stage

Joe Biden debateIn last night?s heated 90-minute vice presidential debate, vice president Joe Biden handily took Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to task at every turn. He hit all the right notes and then some.??

On issue after issue, from Medicare to abortion, Biden upstaged Congressman Ryan and brought to light the stark differences between Republicans and the Obama administration. Most times, Ryan couldn?t get a word in edgewise and when he did, Biden made it a point to highlight any ?less than candid? statements.

?Not a single thing he said is accurate,? Biden told moderator Martha Raddatz after Ryan?s response to the opening question about Libya.

Biden also made mention of the ?47 percent? remark Governor Mitt Romney made at a fundraiser in May when he made disparaging comments about middle-class Americans.? Romney has since tried to rescind those statements, saying in a Fox News interview that he was ?completely wrong?, but Biden pressed on. For Ryan?s part, he said the governor simply misspoke.???
Later in the debate, Ryan seemed rattled when asked about foreign affairs and embarrassed when Biden brought up the letter Ryan wrote asking for stimulus money for his Wisconsin district. (According to the Associated Press, on the campaign trail, Ryan has called those kinds of handouts big-government overreaching.)?

So far, there are mixed reactions to the question of who won the debate. Some viewers might argue that Biden wiped the floor with the GOP nominee if it weren?t for the fact that Ryan held his own and seemed competent for much of the conversation ? even if some of what he said was ?a bunch of malarkey?.

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