Vickie Winans ‘gets over’ her troubles on new CD

If James Brown was the hardest-working man in show business, Vickie Winans should at least merit some consideration for the title of hardest-working woman.

The gospel star is out with a new album, which she produced and recorded at home for her own record label. She also performs 175 to 200 shows a year, hosts a new comedy show on Black Entertainment Television and owns a Detroit-area boutique.

Not to mention she doesn’t have a manager or agent.

“You can pick up the phone and call me,” Winans said.

The 55-year-old has endured many personal hardships since her last CD in 2006, including the loss of her mother. The new record’s first single (and title) “How I Got Over” is a testament to how Winans’ faith has helped her overcome tough times.

It was released in late August and by September had reached No. 1 on Billboard’s gospel album sales chart.

Winans, who is divorced from fellow gospel luminary Marvin Winans, also recently opened a retail store that carries jewelry, handbags and other accessories, plus a wig salon.

“There’s all kinds of things in here ? trinkets and bracelets and brooches oh my,” Winans said during an interview there with The Associated Press.

AP: What was the inspiration in making (your new CD)?

Winans: The title song is the actual first single, “How I Got Over.” I got that one because my mom passed away, which was very devastating for us. So, the whole “How I Got Over” thing is we used to have what we call in the African-American church “testimony service” and in testimony service a person would stand up and they would tell what had happened to them that week and how they were triumphant over it. To testify. … My mom would stand up in church and she’d go (singing): “How I got over. How I got over. My soul looked back and wondered how I got over.” And man she tapped the church. I thought about that and in her honor put it in a beat with a little bit of spice in it.”

AP: In the video you’re portraying your mother, aren’t you?

Winans: Yes. Oh my God. For me to have no makeup and put my hair in this old-fashioned style. … One of my brothers was telling me the other day, “Girl, you acted your butt off because you did look just like Mom.” Cause I look like her anyway.

AP: Where did you shoot (the video)?

Winans: I shot this one in the basement of my home. All the green-screen stuff ? all the special effects stuff ? I shot right there in my house, in the basement in my theater room. … The other parts, of the real church, we shot at (a church). I think they hadn’t made any changes in 100 years.

AP: You’re writing songs. You’re performing. You have your own record company. You own a business. Where do you find time for all this?

Winans: It’s a lot. It is really a lot. I work 15, 16, 17 hours a day. But I love it.

AP: The liner notes of your album include your phone number. How do you get away with that?

VW: Because I’m a down-to-earth person. But if you call too much and you don’t want anything, I put “pest” next to your name and don’t answer. (Laughs). I don’t have too many pests. My concept is this: I manage myself, and there’s nothing wrong with people having managers. But my thing is this: If I can learn how to manage myself, why would I give you 20 percent and people are looking for me? It just doesn’t make sense. … I want to be sweet and kind. When you do that, people really, really respect that.

AP: Why did you decide to open up this boutique?

Winans: I am such a glitzy kind of person. If you were ever to come to my home, it’s like a great big museum. … (There was) a lot that we didn’t have (growing up). I wanted to make a store where … it looks like people are coming into my house and going into my closet. We can share. We have fun. We eat chicken wings. We can watch television.”

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