Verona Brewton

Verona Brewton
Director, Minority Initiatives
Zimmer Inc
Warsaw, Ind.

Verona Angelina Brewton is driven to make a difference in the lives of others and determined to communicate the message that ?poor quality of life? should not be the expectation. As director of minority initiatives at Zimmer Inc., a leader in musculoskeletal health, she?s able to do just that. ?My greatest professional achievement has been creating and guiding a transformative vision that will empower many to act and facilitate change through the escalation of dialogue, awareness and education on the critical state of musculoskeletal disease and disparities,? says Brewton.

Through cross-functional collaborations with faith-based and community organizations, health care providers, historically Black colleges and other trusted institutions, Brewton taps into the fabric of minority communities to get them involved in change. ?Many in our community don?t understand the safe and effective intervention of surgery, if needed, and the critical importance of early intervention to improve co-morbid health conditions. It takes an individual commitment to change and to expect an improved quality of life. I have an important message of change and I think that our communities need to hear that message,? she says.

Brewton?s upbringing greatly influenced the person she became. ?I was raised by my father, Edwin Wilson. He was a military man who raised me to be very competitive and focused. In terms of my successes, he was very influential,? says Brewton. ?On a broader scale, Zimmer Inc. has been an advocate and allowed me a voice to be different through respect and understanding of our cultural differences, opinions and viewpoints. This has facilitated my ability to
think outside the box, stay true to who I am and hopefully provide guidance in a corporate environment that will make us all better.?

Brewton received a bachelor?s degree in education from the University of Toledo.? She is a member of the National Medical Association.