Vegas police warn of grab-and-run iPhone thefts

LAS VEGAS (AP) ? Police in Las Vegas say they’ve nabbed two people on felony charges in a series of “smart phone” grab-and-run thefts comparable to cases that in other cities have been dubbed “Apple picking.”

Police Officer Bill Cassell said Thursday that two detectives investigating a report of a stolen cell phone turned up evidence that two groups of thieves were preying on people who are distracted or inattentive while using devices in public.

In some cases, police say victims are talking or texting when a thief grabs the device and runs to a waiting vehicle.

Thefts of devices made by Apple Inc. — including iPhones and iPads — have been dubbed “Apple picking” in some cities.

Cassell says authorities worry that a confrontation in places like the Las Vegas Strip could leave a victim or bystanders injured.