Using Mobile Video to Improve Collaboration at Work

Mobile video can foster more
effective collaboration at work.

No one can deny that mobile video is fast becoming a
necessity in today?s fast-paced, global business environment. The technology is
clearly transforming the way we do business in more ways than one. Some of the
most glaring benefits of using mobile video include reduced travel costs, the
ability to deliver content on-demand as needed, and the ability to foster
more effective collaboration in the workplace
, even on a global scale. The
ability to foster real-time face-to-face interaction has also proved beneficial
in connecting businesses to their target customers.

The Importance of
Mobile Video in the Workplace

Mobile video plays a very important role in creating a more flexible work environment.
The availability of video-ready smartphones and tablets made it easy for business
partners, colleagues and team members to collaborate with each other and to connect
and interact with their customers. According to the results of a recent survey,
about 43% to 46% of respondents indicate that it accounted for faster customer
issue resolution and improved
customer satisfaction

The technology also allows for the speedy delivery of information which is a must in today’s fast
paced business environment. By delivering content on demand as needed, you are
empowering your employees to make faster and more informed decisions, thereby increasing
your chances of grabbing new business opportunities as they arise. Without a
doubt, this can give you the competitive edge you have always dreamt of.?

Mobile video can also help lower travel costs. Recent studies show that 43% of employees use their
tablets to access web meetings while 33% use them to access video conferences. On
the other hand, 10% to 13% of employees use their smartphones to engage in the
same activities.

video technology
also gives you the ability to see body
language and facial expressions
. This enables you to accurately gauge your employees’
or team members’ level of involvement and understanding and gives you the
opportunity to make sure your virtual workforce remains as engaged and
productive as possible.

addition, mobile video collaboration allows users to tap into the expertise of their colleagues in real-time. This is
extremely important since studies show that employees who
grew up in a
tech-focused environment perform
better when they have access to their colleagues? experience and expertise, and
when they share their own.

all of these things into consideration, it can be established that mobile video
technology plays an extremely vital role in today’s business environment and is
fast becoming one of the most important tools in fostering collaboration in the