Use Social Networking to Help, Not Hurt, Your Career

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Social Networking is Great Tool, But Be Mindful of What You Post

I’m sure you have heard the horror stories of people using social media to talk about jobs or potential work positions in a negative manner. Somebody goes online, talks badly about the job or the boss, and someone from the company notices the remarks. The next day, the person could be reprimanded, or even fired, for what they said.

It has happened, and been reported on, more often than the good things that social media can do to bolster a person’s career. Social media can be used to help you find a job, connect with other professionals in your career field and advance to that dream job you have always wanted.

Finding a Job Using Social Media

The great thing about social media is that most companies have accounts with the biggest networking platforms. The company uses social media to connect with visitors, talk about important news and events happening with the company, answer questions, and give promotional discounts and special offers to customers.

You can use this to your advantage by visiting the social media sites of companies that most interest you and interacting with the company staff who manage the site. You can show your interest in the company, ask questions about them, and answer any job postings that the company may advertise. In this manner, you are taking the initiative to show the company that you would like to work for them.

Building an Online Professional Presence

Social media can help you create an online professional portfolio that allows interested companies an opportunity to browse information about you to get an idea of your expertise. When creating a portfolio, you want to detail your background and specialties. Then link your portfolio to actual work or content that you have done that further illustrates your abilities.

Showcase your strengths and downplay your weaknesses, just like you would when going to a job interview. Join professional circles that relate to your expertise as you share advice and opinions. Once people find out about you through your portfolio, they will be inclined to share your information to other professionals as they spread the word concerning your career goals. This will garner attention from potential employers.

Playing By the Social Media Business Rules

Remember, whatever you post on social media platforms will be available for viewing by everyone, including your current boss. If you are seeking to advance your career, you need to make sure that your company doesn’t have any policies in regards to social media. Don’t sabotage your chance of success by violating company rules about mentioning your job position or the company you work for when it is not allowed.

In addition, always be mindful about what you post. Don’t limit yourself to only one topic. Keep up with diverse conversation to reach the most people who will become interested in the topics you discuss. But also keep in mind that racy and off-color subject matter can cause negative attention that can become detrimental in advancing in your career.