Use PayPal to Buy Apps from the Google Play Store

Pay PalGoogle is expanding the payment options for the Google Play Store on Android devices today. In addition to a credit or debit card, billing to a carrier, or using a gift card, users can now purchase apps, books, songs, TV shows, and movies from the Google Play Store with a PayPal account. In-app purchases can also be bought with the online payments provider.

The option will initially be available in 12 countries, including the US, Germany, and Canada. Users will be able to add their PayPal credentials to their Google Wallet accounts when they go to purchase an app.

Additionally, Google is expanding its carrier billing service (the option that lets you pay for apps and other content on your wireless bill) to seven more countries, making it available in a total of 24 around the world. Google Play gift cards are now available in 13 countries, including Japan and Germany.

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