U.S. Sees North Korea as Culprit in Sony Hack

American officials have determined the government of North Korea is connected to the hack that left Sony Entertainment Pictures reeling and eventually prompted it to pull a movie critical of the country?s leader, a U.S. official confirmed Wednesday.

Much remains unclear about the nature of North Korea?s involvement. The country, while lauding the hack against Sony, has denied being behind it. There were conflicting reports Wednesday evening, and officials are expected to unveil their findings Thursday. But the U.S. official confirmed to TIME that intelligence officials have indeed determined North Korea was behind the hack, one of the worst cyberattacks ever against an American company.


The New York Times, citing senior Obama Administration officials, reported that intelligence officials have determined North Korea was ?centrally involved.? NBC News, also citing unnamed U.S. officials, reported that the Americans believe the hacking came from outside North Korea itself, but that the hackers were acting on orders from Pyongyang.

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