The UPOD Method Catches On Among Business Owners

Blk customersIn a dog-eat-dog, competitive business world such as ours, competition is fierce. Business owners have the constant challenge of creating and maintaining customer loyalty. To stand out and be successful, you have to set your business model apart from others. What to do, what to do?????

UPOD, an acronym for ?under-promise, over-deliver?, is a new no-cost approach to exceeding expectations. The last thing a customer wants is an unfulfilled promise underscored by excuses. It?s practically un-American. But when a business owner under-promises and over-delivers, customers are appreciative for the effort and ready for more special treatment. The lesson? Don?t promise what you can?t deliver. It turns customers off and you stand to lose their loyalty. Instead, aim low and deliver high. Remember, customer satisfaction is key. Keep your fans happy and all will be well with your month-end numbers.

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