Under Armour Announces Deal with Muhammad Ali

AliBaltimore sports apparel company Under Armour said Wednesday it has formed a partnership with the firm that manages the Muhammad Ali brand to incorporate the pathbreaking boxer into its ad campaigns and products.

A Muhammad Ali line of clothing, shoes and accessories is planned to launch this fall, Under Armour said. Terms of the multiyear deal with New York-based Authentic Brands Group, LLC, were not disclosed. Other Authentic Brands Group accounts include Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Ali?s wife, Lonnie Ali, said in a statement that Ali and Under Armour?s values align.

?We are truly flattered to have Under Armour pay homage to Muhammad in such a significant way,? she saidi. ?We see in the Under Armour brand a similar spirit and drive that pushed Muhammad to be such a groundbreaking force.?

Ali, now 73 years old, is struggling with Parkinson?s disease, but many, including Ali himself, consider him the greatest boxer of all time.

Source: (TNS)