Uncovering the Top Motivation Killers in the Workplace

CareerMotivation killers can be bad for your business. Don’t let them into your workplace.

Mounting evidence suggests that motivated and engaged employees are more productive than those who do not feel any empathy or concern for their employer. They work harder and put in more effort to ensure the company’s success. Given its importance, the management needs to foster a deeper engagement and keep employees motivated to generate the results they need.

However, keeping your employees motivated is easier said than done. No matter how hard you try, you cannot maintain the ideal work environment at all times.

Top Motivation Killers in the Workplace

What are the events and circumstances that can negatively affect your employees’ enthusiasm? Here are some of the worst offenders.

  • Lack of vision. Failure to communicate the company’s vision leads to lackluster results. Let your employees understand the bigger picture so they would know where to focus.
  • Toxic personalities. Since toxic people are everywhere, there is a great chance that you are working with one. Dealing with toxic people can be very frustrating and exhausting since they can inflict you with their negativity and sap all your energy and enthusiasm. Some of the worst personalities include bullies, gossipers, chronic liars, and perpetual victims. People who are consumed with greed, envy and negativity are also included in the list. Avoid hiring these people at all cost. However, if you have already hired one, you should be prepared to address the behavior and set expectations. You should also be prepared to terminate, if necessary.
  • Ineffective leaders. Your employees look up to you for inspiration so you need to keep improving your leadership skills and hire capable leaders for key positions. Keep in mind that effective leadership can inspire your employees and keep them motivated. Lead by example and everything else will fall neatly into place.
  • Lack of appreciation. Failure to recognize hard work, dedication and extraordinary achievements may lead to apathy. Often times, just saying “thank you” or expressing your gratitude and appreciation for a job well done can motivate your employees to give it their best at all times.
  • Lack of communication. Communication is vital for your company’s success. It also plays a significant role in keeping your people motivated. Without proper communication, there is a great chance that your people will miss or duplicate critical tasks. It can also keep vital information from reaching the right people and provide an ideal environment for destructive rumors. Keep the communication lines open by holding regular meetings and forums, and welcome your employees’ ideas and suggestions.
  • Lack of professional development. When employees feel that they are not learning anything new that can help them move further along in their career, their motivation may start to wane. So, don’t skimp on training. Your investment will go a long, long way in helping your business succeed.