Tyrha Lindsey

Managing Director
L.A.I. Communications
Tarrytown, N.Y.
Age: 37

Triple threat. That?s what they call performers who can sing, dance and act ? and do them all well, which is precisely what led Gloria and William Lindsey to enroll their daughter, Tyrha M. Lindsey, in the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati at the age of 8. Once there,? Lindsey decided to major in musical theater because it would allow her to combine all of her talents. But her prowess on the stage was supplanted by her drive to be an entrepreneur. Today, she is the managing director of L.A.I. (Lindsey & Associates International) Communications, the family owned and operated communications company her father established in 1999.? ?I truly enjoy managing L.A.I. Communications and continuing to grow the company. My team is handpicked and extremely talented.? They are a pleasure to work with, which is so necessary because doing marketing and public relations is a collaborative discipline.?

Under Lindsey?s watch, L.A.I. created marketing and public relations campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like The Kroger Co., and nonprofits such as the American Diabetes Association. When the poor economy took a toll on the firm, Lindsey accepted a post at UniWorld Group as its director of public relations in 2010 and left in May.

A jazz singer since high school, Lindsey released a solo album in 2000 and still performs professionally in the U.S. and abroad. She has been accepted into a four-year Ph.D. program at Rutgers Business School and plans to concentrate on marketing science. Lindsey is a board member for Iris House and Jazz Forum Arts. A member of the Tau Nu Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and Grace Baptist Church in Mt. Vernon, N.Y., she would love to open a community center for the performing arts.? ?I have experienced how the arts can transform a child?s life,? she says.

Fun Facts

Sports you play: Tennis
Countries visited: Tunisia, Spain, Japan
Last movie: The King?s Speech