Types of Friends You Need To Ditch

friendsJealous, negative, and stressful relationships beware.?

Now?s a good time to spring clean your life. You might be looking forward to re-organizing your closet, opening up your windows to let in some fresh air, and re-committing to those New Year?s resolutions. But have you given any thought to making over your social circle?

While research shows that our friendships are super important for our health and well-being, not all relationships are created equal. ?Negative friendships can cause stress, frustration, and even put you in harm?s way if their behavior puts you in situations that could jeopardize you and your loved ones,? says sociologist and friendship coach Jan Yager, PhD, author of When Friendship Hurts ($13, amazon.com).

Investing time and energy into people who don?t pay it back?or who only have toxic contributions to offer?can have a negative effect on both your physical and mental health. In fact, a recent University of College London study found that close relationships that cause stress or worrying may even contribute to faster cognitive decline as you age.

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