Twitter Vine: How Can It Help Your Business?

Vine for TwitterIntroducing…Twitter Vine

Twitter recently launched Twitter Vine, a mobile service that allows users to add short 6-second videos to their tweets. So, what can it do for your business and how can you use its potential to help you achieve your business goals? Can it help small businesses compete with large corporations? Here are some creative ideas on how you can use Twitter Vine to help you grow your business.

How to Use Twitter Vine for Your Small Business

Do you need some ideas to get the ball rolling, so to speak? If you do, here are some interesting ways by which this app can help take your business to the next level. You can use Twitter Vine to:

  • Promote brand awareness. Let your followers know more about your brand by showcasing your products and services. Let them know what you stand for and what your business is all about ? all in 6-seconds. ?
  • Educate. Demonstrate how your product is used or share some creative, out-of-the-box suggestions on how your followers can use your product in different ways. Take your followers behind the scene and show them how your products are made. Use every chance you get to educate and amaze your followers.
  • Launch a new product. Get your followers all worked up by providing interesting visual inspirations before you actually launch your new product. Get them all excited about your product launch and you can expect it to be a raving success.
  • Highlight brand advocates. Word of mouth marketing never fails. So, instead of doing all the marketing and promotion by yourself, why don’t you let your followers do the talking instead? Remember, testimonials from real people are one of the most powerful marketing tactics you can ever use.
  • Promote a contest. Is there anyone who doesn’t love contests? By using Vine, you can spread the news about your contests, marketing campaigns, promotions and special offers in a more interesting and engaging manner.?
  • Humanize your brand. Your followers need to know that there is a human side to your business. They need to know that your business is made up of real, caring people who have their best interests in mind. So, how do you do it? Well, you can start by sharing some behind the scene video snippets of your employees at work and your work environment. Take them inside your office and show them what your desk looks like. Give your followers a glimpse of who you really are. If this doesn’t improve their trust in you and your business, then nothing will.

There are really a lot of ways by which you can use Twitter Vine to promote your business. Is there anything you can add to this list? We would like to hear about it!