Twitter Hashtags: Tips for Better Tweets

twitter hashtagsOptimize Twitter hashtags to improve your business and boost your brand

Nearly every entrepreneur already knows the value of having a Twitter account dedicated to their small business, but most do not understand how to use hashtags as part of their social media strategy. Using hashtags strategically ensures that other Twitter users find your tweet in targeted searches and can use your unique hashtags themselves as part of a larger social media marketing campaign. These tips show you how to optimize Twitter hashtags to improve your business and boost your brand.?

Keep it Simple?
Use direct and simple hashtags that are search-friendly. For example, if you are tweeting about your recent blog post describing your business’s use of finance apps, pair it with a tag like #apps or #SmallBiz instead of #AppsandToolsforSmallBusiness. The latter tag is too long and will quickly bury your tweet.?
Another way to keep it simple is to avoid excessive hashtags. Choose no more than one or two precise tags per tweet to avoid coming across as desperate in your marketing attempts.?
Create Your Own Hashtag?
Creating a unique tag is an effective way to generate a buzz. For example, Domino’s Pizza launched #letsdolunch and dropped their lunchtime prices once the tag was tweeted 85,000 times. It took less than a day to reach that number, partially because the new tag was so buzz-worthy.?
Make new hashtags to promote a contest by asking users to tweet a specific tag when they submit photos, ideas or entries. You can also use hashtags to promote an event, then encourage attendees to keep it going by tweeting with the tag throughout the event.?
Participate in Twitter Chats?
Twitter chats are an ideal opportunity to gain even more exposure, connect with others and build relationships with influential people in your industry. Find Twitter chats that are relevant to your business or industry, then make a point to participate in them. You can even create your own Twitter chats to network with other businesses and engage your customers.?
How do you use hashtags to start, encourage and share conversations about your business or brand? Share your best strategies in the comment section below!