Tweak Your Eating Habits To Live Longer

EATMost of us try to eat right and exercise regularly, but we?re only human. And if your diet isn?t as good as it should be, the idea of radically altering what you eat can be intimidating ? even though it can be better your health.

But, according to new research out of the U.K., making just small changes to your diet may have a significant impact on your health.

For the study, researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine analyzed food diaries of 1,571 adults to estimate how modifications to their current diets could help them meet dietary guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and impact their overall health.

Here?s what they discovered: Making small tweaks to diets could increase a person?s life expectancy by eight months and also reduce diet-related greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent. Those tweaks included eating more of some things, and less of others.?

Eat Less:?

– animal products (especially in the form of red meat)

– savory snacks like chips

Eat More:?

– fruits

– vegetables

– cereals (whole grains)

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