Turn Your Interview Into A Job

JOBWhile you might consider a number of avenues in going after your next job, not all of them were created equal.?

A study from career website Glassdoor sheds light on which channels lead to the highest percentage of job matches, in which a jobseeker gets an offer and accepts it. Here’s a hint: It helps if you know someone at the company to which you’re applying.

According to the research, which looked at more than 400,000 job interviews that were posted to Glassdoor’s website by U.S. jobseekers, interviews resulting from employee referrals boosted the chance of a successful hire by as much as 6.6 percent. Additional options that yielded the biggest positive impact were referrals from staffing agencies or in-person connections with employers. Meanwhile, online applications and recruiter referrals were linked to lower odds of a job match, and college referrals had the lowest match odds of all.?

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