Trying to Get a Job? A Personal Website Might Help

A personal website has given many a job seeker the edge over competition.

Personal websites are one of the newest ways in which people find jobs. This holds true even if job seekers have covered their bases with online resumes and social media presences. Personal websites are the extra step that can mean the difference between a job and the unemployment line.

How a Personal Website Can Lead To a Job

  • A personal website is a place for a job seeker to display his/her work and credentials in the exact way they want. Key information usually comprises a short biography, professional photo or headshot, mission statement, blog, work portfolio and/or work projects, publishing history, resume/CV and other credits. However, the website truly must be professional. For example, it?s fairly common for job seekers to get shot down after interviewers find distasteful blog posts the seekers wrote.
  • A personal website is even more effective in some fields such as technology, design, art and writing.
  • A personal website is a terrific spot for job seekers to build and enhance their personal and professional brands. Branding helps establish job seekers as authorities in their field, and it?s entirely possible that job offers will flow to them. For example, you could position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You can analyze industry news and keep a running commentary on it. Your credibility and desirability skyrockets if the branding is done well.

What about Frequency?

  • Your mantra should be quality over quantity. Strive for thoughtful and analytical posts every two weeks or even once a month versus thin and superficial posts several times a week.
  • If your site is under construction or you?ve discovered major flaws/errors, you are better off rolling it offline until it is ready. Again, quality rules.