Travel to Europe for Less

ParisTaking a few days off to jet to Paris is more feasible now that more low-cost airlines are expanding their horizons. U.S.-based carriers such as Spirit and Frontier offer limited international travel to Mexico and other countries in Latin America, but Norwegian Air Shuttle and Iceland’s Wow Air are promoting ultra-low fares from select U.S. cities, including Boston and Los Angeles, to Europe.

These carriers take a no-frills approach: attractive base fares with amenities paid A la carte. Thrifty travelers can avoid extra fees on short flights by packing light and skipping a meal, but you might have trouble escaping checked-baggage fees and other charges on long flights. To be sure you’re getting a deal, include your must-have extras when comparing fares. We found a nonstop flight on Norwegian from Los Angeles to London in February for $546 round-trip, without frills. Bundling in checked baggage, meals and a seat reservation brought the cost up to $708.

Even if the price is right, however, limited schedules and fewer comforts might make no-frills flying unappealing for long distances.

For now, long-haul, low-fare flights for U.S. travelers mainly exist between the continental U.S. and Europe, although Asian carriers Jin Air and AirAsia X are each launching service to Hawaii.

(Source:? Tribune Content Agency, LLC)