Top Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

Hosting a yard sale is a great way to get rid of stuff you no longer want or need, like the toys your kids stopped playing with long ago or the jeans that are two sizes too small. Selling your gently used stuff is also a good way to put a bit more cash in your pocket, but only if you throw a yard sale the right way. Follow these tips to host a successful yard sale!
Advertise Well

In the past, yard sale advertising consisted of a colorful sign on the corner telephone pole and a brief ad in the newspaper. Today, you have a whole virtual world of advertising opportunities. Tap into it by posting an ad with photos of some of your top goods on Craig’s List, updating your Facebook status with sale details and Tweeting about your loot.

Grab Interest with Large Items
Cars will take just a few seconds to drive past your yard sale, so you have a small window for making a good first impression. Pique the interest of passerby and draw in customers by placing your biggest and best items right out front. This sends a signal that you have lots of awesome stuff for sale.
Make a Free Pile?

Lure in customers by placing a pile marked ?Free Stuff? on the sidewalk or edge of your driveway. The pile will tempt shoppers out of their cars, and most will feel bad taking something for free without buying something else.

Join Forces
Increase the visibility of your yard sale by partnering with your neighbors. Hold a street sale, or invite friends and family members to sell their own stuff in your yard. The more visible items you have, the more people will stop to shop.
Price to Sell
Remember that you won’t get anything at all for pieces that don’t sell, so go low! If you really want to pull in big bucks, sell your things on Craig’s List or eBay. Yard sale shoppers are looking for major bargains and will move on if you don’t offer them.?
Organize Your Space
Encourage shoppers to buy by corralling like-items together. Place a toaster near the placemats and mismatched dishes, create a space just for books, and hang all your clothing in one area. Move items around as you make sales, bringing shelves and piles closer to the front, and tidy the area throughout the day.