Top Mistakes to Avoid When Using Facebook for Business

facebook marketing, facebook marketing mistakesWhen it comes to using Facebook for business, engage your fans

What are your goals when it comes to the number of fans/likes you have for your Facebook business account? Are you trying to become part of the 1,000 club, 5,000? club, 10,000 thousand club, or even greater? Well the thing about it is that it does not matter how many fans you have. If you are not finding a way to engage your fans, then it doesn?t matter if you have five fans or 5 million. ?

When it comes to using Facebook for business, you want to start by posting on a regular basis information that your fans will find interesting. Post something to get them interacting with your Facebook Fan page by leaving comments, likes, and even sharing with their friends and family that they have on Facebook as well. Generating excitement through your messages is not an easy task, but with the right marketing techniques you can do it. However, you must remember there are also things that could easily hurt your business as well. ?

What to Avoid

Using Facebook to Post Irrelevant Content
If your post on Facebook is not getting the attention of your fans, figure out what they want. You don?t always have to be on topic with your niche when you are using Facebook for marketing campaigns. You can post something funny, interesting, controversial or even thought provoking to engage your fans to become interactive. ?
Posts are too long, too similar, or just plain boring
If your posts are too long, it doesn?t matter if the information you are relaying is important or not, most people just skim through Facebook looking at photos and short posts. Mix up your posts by including eye-catching content, videos, and photos with your news feeds. Don?t make posts that are common to one another. Make sure to leave a call to action so you will get a comment back from your fans. Ask a question or leave a comment that makes people want to respond like, ?I realized it was time to leave my job when ______?. ?
Fans have difficulty relating
For the most part, people are now logging on to Facebook from their iPads, smartphones, PDA?s and other devices while they are on the go. If you want people to engage with you on Facebook, make it easy for them to leave comments under your post. Keep it simple and you will enjoy the rewards of the fans you have on Facebook and you will begin to see the benefits of having a social media page for your business. ?