Why You Don’t Have Enough Energy Throughout the Day

sleepHere are some possible reasons why you often lack energy to get things done.

There are times when you can’t seem to get anything done, no matter how much you want to. You just feel that you don’t have enough energy left in you to get things done. What could be the reason behind it? Here are some simple explanations that may help you determine why these things happen.
Why Do You Lack Energy? Some Possible Reasons
You are eating too much carbs. Foods laden with carbohydrates may be filling but the sheer amount of energy your body uses to digest them can leave you feeling tired. Have you ever felt sleepy right after eating a heavy meal? Well, that’s what too much carbs can do to you.
You don’t get enough nutrients in your diet. Unless you get at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, you may never get the right amount of nutrients your body needs. This alone can leave you feeling tired and drained all day long.
You are not eating the right breakfast. If you usually lack energy, you may want to skip eating cereals for breakfast. Why? Well, although it may give you a great morning boost, the energy will be exhausted in just a few hours. Try eating whole grains or eggs instead.
You are drinking way too much coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee may kick start your day but drinking too much of it throughout the day may result in fatigue. So, try to cut back on coffee and drink lots of water to keep your energy levels up.
You are not getting enough exercise. Having a regular exercise routine can make you feel more active. Try moving your body and see the difference it can make.
You don’t get enough sleep. Your body needs to get enough rest to recover so make sure you get at least seven to nine hours of sleep at night. If you don’t, try making up for it by taking a short nap (ideally between 10 to 20 minutes) during the day.
You are under a lot of stress. Since the brain uses a lot of energy and leaves you feeling drained when you are under stress, it is extremely important for you to avoid stressful situations whenever you can. Try meditating and do deep breathing exercises whenever you are feeling stressed to release the negative energy and calm your mind.

You have an underlying condition.
Fatigue is one of the most overlooked symptoms associated with anemia, low thyroid, hepatitis C and cardiovascular disease.
Not having enough energy to do the things you love is no fun so try to understand why you feel that way and do something about it.