Top 5 Tips for Launching a Successful Multi-Lingual PPC Campaign

ppc campaign, multilingual ppc campaign, Launching a successful multi-lingual PPC campaign may not be as difficult as you think.

Why should you bother launching a multi-lingual pay-per-click (PPC) campaign? Wouldn’t it be just a waste of time and resources? After all, English is still the most widely used language online, right??

Well, while it is true that English remains to be the most dominant language online, it still accounts for only about a quarter of the total usage. Are you willing to hand that vast, untapped market over to your competition without a fight? Think about it.
Multi-Lingual PPC ? How to Do It Right
Launching a global PPC campaign can be a cost-effective way to break into a new market. When done right, it can help you create brand awareness and improve your conversion rate. However, it is sad to note that while there are a lot of online marketers and business owners who are trying their best to capture the global market, many do not know how to make the most of it. To save yourself from experiencing such failures, here are some tips that may help ensure your success.
Understand your customers. Try to see if your target market likes your product and tailor your campaigns so that you can offer them the benefits they like. If you want to see good results, make sure that the benefits are relevant to your target market.
Be careful with your translations. Literal translations can confuse native speakers and reduce the effectiveness of your campaigns. Since this is one of the main reasons why most global PPC campaigns fail to deliver, you need to set your bar a little higher. If you need to translate your ad campaigns and landing pages, use a quality translation service to do the job. Remember, a simple online tool may not have what it takes to convey your message in the language of your choice.?
Don’t translate your keywords. Keep in mind that although you have a valuable English keyword, it may have a completely different meaning or may not even exist in the market that you are targeting. For best results, do a multi-lingual keyword research to make sure your keywords remain relevant to your product.?
Google is not everything. While Google undeniably rules the search engine world, you should also consider setting up your campaign in other important search engines that are being widely used in the countries you are targeting. As such, you should consider using Afrikaans Google, Aardvark and/or WoYaa! in Africa, Baidu in China, and many other search engines prevalent in different countries. ?
Monitor your campaign. Don’t set it and forget about it. You may need to tweak and refine your ad campaigns from time to time to get the results you want.
Take these things into consideration as you launch your international PPC campaign and you will increase your chances of achieving your business goals in the global market.