Tech Experts Say Using Smartphones in Bed Could Cause Harm

Phones in bedUsing your smartphone in bed is not a good idea.

Most people cannot seem to function properly without their smartphones. In fact, a lot of people cannot even part ways with their phones even as they sleep. According to recent studies, eight out of ten people keep their cellphones on overnight while five out of ten people even use it as an alarm clock.

Smartphones have, indeed, replaced a lot of the traditional devices people use at night. They have taken the place of night watches, flashlights, nightstand books and alarm clocks. Add this to the fact that a lot of people feel the need to stay connected and you will understand why most people find it impossible to separate themselves from their smartphones. However, this does not mean that sleeping with your phone or using it in bed is good for you.

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Phone in Bed
There are a lot of reasons why you should avoid using your phone in bed. Here are some of them:

It negatively affects your quality of sleep. According to a study carried out by expert researchers from Wayne State University in Michigan, the radiation emitted by mobile phones delays and affects deep sleep. Based on the data gathered from the respondents, people who were exposed to radiation took longer to enter the first phase of the Delta stage (the deep, non-rapid eye movement phase) of sleep. They were also observed to spend less time in the deepest phase of sleep.

In addition, radiation may also activate the brain’s stress system. The study also suggested that the radiation emitted by mobile phones may keep people more alert and focused, and this may affect their ability to enjoy good night’s a sleep.

It may leave you feeling tired. Another study observed the teens who use their smartphones after going to bed once a week were three times more likely to feel very tired. Those who use their mobile phones after going to bed more than three times a week were reported to be more than five times more likely to feel extreme tiredness as compared to those who do not use their phones after going to bed.

It may affect your health and well-being. The inability to sleep well through the night can cause headaches, lack of concentration, personality and mood changes, confusion and depression. It may also lead to poor academic performance and ADHD-like symptoms in school-age children.