Tool for Aiding the Corporate Data Sleuths (i.e. Sales People) In Your Company

Using Hoovers, Jigsaw, LinkedIn and other paid and free resources to find out corporate data is good. However at times you need to dig deeper, and you find yourself scouring web sites for corporate data, such as information on senior executives.

Broadlook Technologies, Inc. Profiler is a powerful tool that takes away the time consuming process of manually clicking through page after page of company websites to find key contact details of top professionals. Their product, Profiler, analyzes the web pages linked to in a company’s URL and takes in the names, titles, email addresses, phone numbers, bios, media mentions and more of the company you are researching and imports it into your own CRM or sales database.

For those of you using Hoovers, Broadlook has a new product, Profiler X which does all of the above, but also analyzes Hoover’s information on the company(ies) you are researching.

What I find quite powerful about Profiler and Profiler X is that these products also look through “non-traditional” online repositories of data, such as social networks.

You can’t afford to buy every technology on the market, and in fact, some software is downright expensive. However, maybe you are selling high-end electronics, or pricey software, hardware or infrastructure equipment for buildings. Investing money to know who the key executives are in the companies that you feel would be ideal customers for you, could be worth it.

Many people waste a lot of their time FINDING leads and knowing about them. A tool like Broadlook’s Profiler helps you get all the information you can on a lead or propsect when you find them.

I often get calls from sales people, wanting to sell me all sorts of things (water, cleaning services, oil). This is because they have not taken the time to know more about what I do. They probably don’t have the tools to help automate their sales research before lifting up the phone or mailing an expensive package to me – that I’ll just throw away.

What about your sales efforts? Are you wasting time? Could you do better? Could software help?

Ramon Ray is the editor and tech evangelist for