Tips for Taking Your Marketing Offline

marketing, offline marketingEffective Offline Marketing Strategies

In today’s world of social media, iPads, YouTube and smart phones, offline marketing may seem a bit old school, but that does not mean that unplugging your marketing strategy cannot be an effective way to attract interest in your products or services.?

The Internet is flooded with millions of articles, blog posts and videos about the importance of search engine rankings, social media updates and Google algorithms, but this online technological inundation actually makes old school marketing techniques even more effective. Fostering face-to-face interactions with your customers and potential clients has now become nearly epic, and these strategies will show you how to build your business the old-fashioned, tried-and-true way. If you are in doubt, remember that one of the goals of marketing is to stand out from the competition, and your customers will remember if all your competitors are faceless online entities and you are interacting in the real world.?

Participate in Your Local Chamber of Commerce?

Don’t just join the Facebook group ? actually go to the meetings and events to connect face-to-face with other professionals. Some will almost certainly need your services or products, and many will be able to connect you with others who do. Joining will also give your business a publicity boost both online and offline, and you will likely have the opportunity to gain mailing list access to directly reach out to other business owners and potential customers.?

Pursue Strategic Sponsorships?

Evoke your business’ chivalrous spirit by sponsoring a cause, organization or person that needs money. Doing so will simply make you look good while expanding your marketing reach. Get an “instant karma” boost and grow your potential customer base by pursuing sponsorships strategically. If you sell cleaning products, for example, sponsor a child’s soccer league to get the attention of moms and dads. If you are in the automotive business, sponsor a race at a nearby track to attract attention from the right crowd.?

Use Actual Business Cards?

Forget the digital kind and instead invest in regular paper business cards ? but make it snappy. The right design for a business card is memorable and relevant to your business, and your printed information won’t get lost in someone’s list of email or phone contacts.?

Venture outside the marketing box and give one of these strategies a chance. They worked in the past, and they stand out more than ever before in today’s increasingly technological world.