Tips on Avoiding “Job Search Depression”

stay positive even through unemployment Stay focused and positive even though you may be unemployed

Unemployment can make even the most optimistic people feel depressed. When you lose your job, you lose more than just financial security and the comfort of a daily routine. You also lose a big aspect of your personal identity. Confronting these losses can lead to job search depression, which in turn can derail your entire job search. You may feel scared, rejected or demoralized during a seemingly endless job hunt, but you can stave off depression by following these tips:

Keep a Routine?

Jobs provide structure in our lives, and sudden unemployment can be disorientating. It is easy to hit the snooze button each morning and procrastinate on your job search, but that non-constructive behavior will just lead to self-punishment and self-pity. Instead, treat your job search like a job in itself. Set your alarm, shower, get dressed and devote a full eight hours a day to the search. Stick to your regular work habits as much as you can to prevent your life from becoming erratic and chaotic.?

Get Moving?

Unemployment is very stressful, but exercise is a great anti-depressant. When the pressure of the job search is getting you down, head outside for a long walk or run in the fresh air. You will return home rejuvenated, energized and ready to tackle another round of applications.?

Stay Connected?

Your ego may prevent you from socializing after a job loss, but staying connected with your professional network is one of the best ways to gain future employment. Be open about your employment situation and maintain relationships with those in your field to stay in the loop.?

Keep a Journal?

A lack of feedback can make a job search unbearably frustrating, like you have no control over your employment situation or are not making any progress. To combat this feeling, chronicle every effort you make in a journal. Record everything from the resumes you send and the calls you make to the networking events you attend and the new opportunities you discover. When you feel frustrated, your journal will confirm that you are doing everything you can to find a new job.?

Is a seemingly-never-ending job search getting you down? How do you stay positive during the process? Share your tips for overcoming job search depression in the comments below.