Tips for New Grads: How to Jumpstart Your Career

career tips, career advice, new grads, tips for new grads, newly graduatedYou can jumpstart your career by following these simple tips

Considering the fact that the current unemployment rate is pegged at 8.10 percent and that about 53 percent of recent college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed, new grads should seriously look into beefing up their portfolio if they want to land a job soon. Given this highly competitive scenario, here are some career tips for new grads that can help level the playing field and improve their chances of pursuing their dream careers.

Career Tips for New Grads

Consider applying for an internship. Don’t let your lack of real world experience stop you from pursuing your dream career. Consider getting an internship to get the experience you desperately need. Additionally, by getting an internship, you also get the opportunity to work under the tutelage of a higher level employee and have a better chance of getting involved in bigger projects. Imagine what such exposure can do to your career!

Improve your resume. When applying for a job, you need to make sure that your resume will impress the hiring manager. Give her or him a few good reasons why she or he needs to choose you over the rest of the competition. While you may have little or no work experience at all, you can still create a positive impression by highlighting any experiences and/or accomplishments that are relevant to the job that you are seeking.

Expand your network. Consider attending events in your chosen field and harness the power of your alumni network to increase your chances of landing a job that can help steer your career in the right direction. Go out, let people know that you are looking for a job and show them what you’ve got. Master the art of listening and remembering small details since this can help you impress the right people in your network. Remember, the more people you impress, the higher your chances of finding someone who will give you the referral you need. ?

Create a professional online presence. According to a survey conducted by Jobvite in 2011, more and more US companies are utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in hiring new employees. So, go on and improve your online presence. It will definitely help you in your job search.

Act like a professional. When you are in the process of looking for a job, you should always act and look like a professional. After all, you wouldn’t know when you will get the chance to meet a potential hiring manager. So, practice direct eye contact, develop a firm handshake and polish your elevator speech. You’ll never know when you’ll need it.