Smart Ways to Improve Performance Appraisals

FeedbackImproving performance appraisals can help you achieve your company?s goals.

A properly conducted performance appraisal program serves many purposes. In addition to playing an essential role in the professional development of each employee, an effective performance appraisal program also ensures that the goals and objectives of the company or organization will be met.?

When done correctly, performance appraisals or performance reviews provide the proper venue for addressing performance problems. And since good performance is rewarded with merit increases and promotions, it also encourages employees to perform better.?

Conducting regular performance reviews can also help identify which skills are lacking or need to be improved to ensure the success of your business. In addition, it can also uncover the hidden talents of your employees. Thus, having such a program in place can help ensure that your business will be in a better position to provide the highest level of service to your customers.

Tips to Improve Performance Appraisal

Have an open discussion. Rather than simply rattling off the employee?s ratings based on the company?s appraisal form, consider having a discussion on how the employee performed during the past few months or year. Make sure to touch on the difficulties and problems they encountered along the way and how they handled these situations. Having an open discussion with your staff can help you get a clearer understanding of why they fared the way they did. It can also help you come up with viable solutions for their problems and limitations.

Let them assess their own work. You can increase your chances of having a highly successful performance review by turning the tables and allowing your employees to assess their own work. Start the discussion by allowing them to identify the areas they would like to improve on. Ask them to set their goals for the coming year and identify the measurable outcomes of their goals. You may also ask them to assess your performance as their supervisor to further improve the effectiveness of the process.

Be honest. Do not provide inflated feedback just to avoid confrontation. This will not help. In fact, it would be counterproductive in more ways than one. By providing less than accurate feedback, you are suppressing your employees? potential for further career advancement since you are not providing them with an accurate assessment of what they have accomplished and what they need to do to further their career.

You can also improve your performance appraisal program by providing regular feedback to your employees. This can help them identify what they need to do to improve their performance and what you can do to help them achieve their goals.?