Tips for a Long-Distance Job Hunt

long distance job sear, job search adviceThese tips will make the process of landing a new job in a new city easy

Looking for a job is always hard, but searching for a job in a distant city is even more difficult. However, some planning and creative effort can help you overcome the extra challenges faced when looking for a job outside your area. Here are four ways that you can land a job in a far-off place.?

Borrow a Local Address?

The out-of-state address on your cover letter or resume may be a hindrance because many employers only consider local candidates to avoid paying relocation costs. If you know someone in the area you want to work, consider living with them temporarily if you need to relocate during your job search. If you have a close friend or relative in the area, consider using their address on your resume or cover letter. List your existing cell phone number unless you know someone who can field calls professionally for you in the new area.?

This tactic works best if you can travel at a moment’s notice for an interview. For example, if the job is located a four-hour drive from home, you can travel more easily than if it is completely across the country.?

Take a Trip

Most employers will not fly candidates in for job interviews, but you can travel to your new destination and set up interview days yourself. Be up-front in your cover letter and mention that you will be in the area on certain days and would be interested in coming in for an interview. Call the companies you want to interview with and set up a meeting for when you will be in town.?

This strategy shows you are serious about the job and willing to go the extra mile for the position. It also gives employers another reason to pull your resume out of the pile and rethink your qualifications.?

Find Local Allies?

Making personal connections in your desired destination is one of the keys to finding jobs. The more well-connected and influential people you meet in your new city, the better. Look through your social media connections to find people in the new area, then pick up the phone and start networking.?

Have you been successful in a long-distance job search? Let us know how you did it in the comments section below!