Tips for Dealing With An Incompetent Boss

incompetent bossSome tips to deal with an incompetent boss

Dealing with an incompetent boss can be an extremely daunting task. Working with someone who agonizes over making even the simplest decisions has the tendency to make all the wrong choices. Incompetent bosses tend to rely on subordinates to get things done, and can become a difficult job to handle. ?

So, what should you do when you find yourself in such a situation? How can you deal with such incompetency in the workplace? Here are some suggestions that can help you survive and even thrive under such conditions.

Show your boss that you can be an asset. No matter how incompetent your boss may be, you should never consider him (or her) as an opponent. Consider your boss’s flaws as an opportunity to prove that you can be an asset to the team. Learn about his weak spots and compensate for deficiencies. Try to cover for him during times of crisis if you can. For all you know, your boss’s shortcomings can help you move up the corporate ladder.?

Acknowledge your own limitations. Everyone knows that nobody’s perfect. So, while your boss may be less competent than he or she should be, you need to accept the fact that you also have your own flaws and shortcomings. Be humble and you may just find a way to make the relationship work.

Establish yourself as a thought leader. There’s nothing wrong in displaying leadership so try to see if you can successfully coach your boss in areas where you are more knowledgeable. However, do not make your boss feel that you are telling him what he should or shouldn’t do. Otherwise, he may consider you as a threat to his authority.?

Keep the communication lines open. Moaning won?t get you anywhere but taking a proactive stance and doing something to improve the situation will definitely help ? a lot. So, if you need regular feedback regarding your performance or would like to have better deadlines, you should communicate the matter to your boss in a way that he or she will understand. Do not allow communication breakdown in the workplace, especially not between you and your boss. It wouldn’t be good for your career.

Learn to forgive. Finding the grace to forgive will go a long, long way. It can be a difficult thing to do, but it can be a great testament to your character.?

Create a psychological barrier. Working with an incompetent boss can take a toll on your health so you better create an emotional barrier to prevent such things from happening.

You need to realize that there isn’t much you can do about your boss and his incompetency. So, the best thing that you can do is to understand the situation, compensate for his flaws whenever you can, keep the communication lines open and learn to forgive. However, if the situation starts to hurt you in ways you never thought possible, then maybe it’s time to leave your job.