Tips for Asking Your Customers to Post Reviews on Yelp

Yelp Online reviews How to give consumers a reason to review!

Many consumers love to post reviews on Yelp, and the platform is a valuable tool your business should take advantage of. Keep in mind that Yelp steers you from directly soliciting reviews. This is good practice anyway because coming on too strong can make consumers feel pressured and like faceless masses. That said, here are some ways you can engage consumers for Yelp reviews.

1. Plant the seed
Use your website, email signature block and promotional materials to showcase your presence on Yelp. It need be nothing fancy. Saying: ?Find us on Yelp,? is enough.

When people use Yelp apps, they can allow others to see the businesses they are frequenting. They can spread the word through Facebook and Twitter as well. Give customers incentives to do so by running check-in offers. These deals will be so good that customers can?t not share them.

2. Give consumers a reason to review
This may seem obvious, but give customers amazing reasons to want to review. Throw in little freebies or discounts, and provide top-notch service.

3. Help customers who actively ask for ways to spread the word

Often, customers are so happy with your business that they ask for ways to help spread the word. It is okay to mention Yelp as well as other methods such as telling family and friends. However, keep your response appreciative and still steer away from being promotional. If the customer does not post a review, let it go. Don?t harass him asking when it will be posted.

Reviews aside, invest the time to input as much information into your profile as Yelp lets you. Tell Yelp users about your hours and your website. Include pictures and videos. Respond personally and professionally to reviews, and you may get a boost in search rankings.