Tipping Etiquette: A Guide to Gratuity

gratuity etiquette, tipping etiquetteThe rules for tipping vary, but check out this basic guide

The etiquette surrounding tipping has always been a bit tricky, and people are more sensitive to it than ever before due to the economy. The rules for tipping vary depending on the personal service received, but this guide will teach you to tip properly in many common circumstances.?

If you receive sit-down wait service, tip your server at least 20 percent of the pre-tax bill. If you dine at a buffet, a 10 percent tip is sufficient for the wait staff. The host or maitre d’ does not need to be tipped for greeting you or escorting you to your table, but regular patrons should tip $10 to $20 if the host goes above and beyond to snag a special table on a busy night.?
Pizza delivery commands a $2 to $5 tip. For other home food deliveries, stick to 10 to 15 percent of the total bill.?
Bartenders receive 15 to 20 percent of the total tab or $1 to $2 per drink.?
Tipping jars carry no obligation, but it is nice to tip occasionally if you are a regular customer or if your barista or server does something a little extra.?
Coatroom attendants should be tipped $1 per coat and valet drivers should receive a tip of $2 when they bring your car around.?
When traveling, tip the skycap $2 for your first checked bag and $1 per additional bag. The same rule applies for bellhops in hotels. Doormen should be thanked when opening doors and tipped $1 to $4 for carrying luggage and $1 to $2 for hailing a cab.?
It is not necessary to tip a concierge for answering questions, but you should tip $5 to $10 for restaurant reservations or tickets and increase the tip if the reservations or tickets were difficult to obtain.?
Housekeepers should be tipped between $3 and $5 per night at a hotel. The number should be increased if the room is left particularly messy.?
Taxi drivers should be tipped at least 15 percent of the fare.?
Salon and Spa?
Leave a tip of 15 to 20 percent to be split among those who served you at a hair salon. Manicurists, massage therapists and those who do facials or waxing should also be tipped 15 to 20 percent of the pre-tax bill.?
Do you always tip? How much do you tend to give? Share your tips about tipping with our readers in the comments below!