Tips for Recruiters: 5 Smart Moves to Find the Best Talent

Tip for RecruitersBe the best recruiter you can possibly be by following these 5 simple tips.

Every company wants the best talent to join their team. After all, the financial impact of hiring a top performer can be as much as ten to 100 times the person’s compensation, according to an article published by well-renowned recruiting industry expert Lou Adler in, the online gathering place for recruiters.

Given the important role recruiters play, here are some tips that can help you improve your skills in finding the best candidates for the job and allow you to work more productively with hiring managers.

Tips in Finding the Ideal Candidates for the Job

Understand the hiring priorities of the company. Since you may be tasked to find ideal candidates for multiple positions at any one time, you need to stay in constant communication with your hiring manager to make sure you know which positions need to be filled first. Do this and you can increase your chances of finding the right talent at the right time.

Plug into social networks. Since most adults use social networking platforms, you should definitely hunt online for the ideal job candidates. According to experts, 18.4 million applicants found their jobs on Facebook, 10.2 million found jobs on LinkedIn, and 8 million found theirs on Twitter.

Use the right language. When posting in job boards, you need to learn how to use corporate jargon in the job description without sounding like a mere spokesperson for the company. This is of extreme importance since using job-specific jargon may make candidates feel like total outsiders while failure to include them in the job description may fail to attract qualified candidates. To solve this problem, have an in-depth conversation with the hiring manager and ask which skills or experiences are required for the job.

Highlight existing talent. Talented people and high performers prefer to work with like-minded individuals so consider flaunting your best talent during the recruitment process. You should also consider using employee testimonials to attract prospective candidates.

Let the company mission do the talking. Attract the best talent by highlighting the company’s mission during the recruitment process. Studies show that most people resonate well with companies that are committed in doing social good and creating shared value for business and society, and would most likely prefer to be a part of something that aims to change the world one day at a time.