Is Time The Only True Luxury Object?

watchWhat is luxury? A watch, a couture dress, a crown? Or is it having control over space, time, privacy? Is the notion of luxury changing over time?

A new exhibition, opening on April 25, organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London together with the Crafts Council, asks these very questions. (In fact, it?s called What Is Luxury?) The works showcased help illuminate the way we use and perceive luxury today, and how that might change in the future.

?We realized when we started researching the project that on the one hand, everyone has a relationship to luxury and its own definition of it,? says Leanne Wierzba, V&A/Winchester School of Art research fellow and co-curator of the show. ?On the other hand we have this industry that is framing it in one very specific way, which we thought was quite limited. And so how do you create a bridge between this idea of luxury as a designed object, and luxury as something that we all have a relationship to, that is about our personal experience, memories, and emotions??

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