Tiffany Channer, MLS (ASCP) CM


Tiffany Channer, MLS (ASCP) CM

Educational Lead Medical Laboratory Scientist

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

New York, NY

Age: 32



The daughter of an agronomist, Tiffany Channer at 4 years old was learning about transpiration and erosion while others were learning to tie their shoes. Her father’s love of science was so infectious that she turned her Saturday morning chore of cleaning the family’s bathroom into an opportunity for scientific exploration. “I would mix household cleaner, shampoo, conditioner and any ‘suds-like’ substance I could get my hands on, and straight into the toilet they would go. I was pretending to be a mad chemist, all in my bathroom,” she recalls. That pretense triggered Channer’s passion for laboratory science. Today, she holds a bachelor’s degree in clinical laboratory science, with a certification in diagnostics instrumentation, from Stony Brook University; a Master of Public Health, Health Policy and Management, with a graduate certification in global health, from New York Medical College; and certification in laboratory management from the American Society of Clinical Pathology. 


“I truly believe success comes from the guidance of mentors,” says Channer, citing the mentoring of her fifth-grade teacher, high school chemistry teacher, and the chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at Stony Brook. 


Channer joined Memorial Sloan Kettering in 2007. She teaches clinical lab science students different processes involved in transfusion medicine. These processes involve analyzing, preparing and supplying patients with blood products needed for routine transfusion or during operations. “The pressure of saving the life of a bleeding patient is not for the faint of hearted,” Channer remarks. “Nonetheless, meeting a former pediatric bone marrow transplant patient, who is completing his last year of high school — and is doing well and vibrant — makes going to work all worthwhile.”


Channer enjoys traveling, shopping, practicing hot yoga, and learning different cultures. A stellar career notwithstanding, her personal life goals of love and family are within her promising destiny.