Three Top Jobs that Are Not Good for Your Health

Jobs That Take Both Mental and Physical Health Tolls, and Death is Always a Possibility.

Working is usually good for your health. You feel productive, get to socialize and increase your morale. However, some career fields are very much detrimental to your health.


1. Construction. It doesn?t matter how long you?ve worked in construction and how expert you are. Every day you head out to a construction job, there?s the risk you will fall, get trapped or be electrocuted. The Bureau Labor Statistics did report that fatalities in construction fell between 2012 and 2013, but roofing and general construction jobs still comprise the 10 fields with the most fatalities.

The health risks are also long term and include exposure to chemicals, particles and fumes. For example, points out that workers are at higher risk for cancer and other illnesses due to the dust they breathe on the job.

2. Transportation. Sure, driving or operating heavy machinery is risky, but there are plenty of other reasons that transportation is a dangerous job. Like construction workers, truckers and other transportation workers inhale fumes and chemicals that put them at risk for lung disease. People such as airline pilots who are around loud noises for long times could end up with damaged hearing.

The toll is emotional as well. Pilots are responsible for the safety of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people every day. They, as well as truck and taxi drivers, must deal with the stresses of frequent trips, including evenings and weekends away from home and family. Sleepiness on the job is also an issue with these often-erratic hours.

3. Protective Service. Protective service jobs constitute wide-encompassing fields such as firefighter and police officer. Firefighters and police officers face the possibility of death every day and must deal with the mental aspects their jobs bring. Firefighters also are at increased risk for diseases due to exposure to toxic chemicals?much like transportation operators and construction workers are.