Three Tips for Switching Careers in 2012

New careersAs you launch into the New Year, one of the most common things to do is to spend some time evaluating what you can do to improve your life in the coming year. One of the major things people identify is changing how they earn a living. Given the economic situation, changing careers in 2012 won’t be easy, but it can launch you in a new direction that will improve your life for many years. Follow these three tips to successfully change your career in 2012.

Research Carefully
Before jumping into a new career, do your homework. Identify the industry that you want to get into and contact the professional organization affiliated with that industry to get reputable information about breaking into it. You should also contact schools that offer training programs to find out more about the education or training you will need to get before you try to get a job in the field.

Get Personal Help
One of the best ways to stay on the right track is to meet regularly with a mentor who is working in your desired field. This person has been where you are and can give you personal advice and assistance that will help you get started in your new career. Contact several reputable people who are in your field and ask them if they are interested in mentoring you through your career change.

Make Changes Now
Even if you haven’t yet landed your dream job, start acting as if you have in as many ways as you can. You should not start spending money based on a salary that isn’t there yet, but as much as possible, behave as you would after you change careers as you go through the process. This might include updating your wardrobe and dressing like you’re on the job, networking with people in the field so you already have connections once you get there, and developing a schedule and habits that support the hours you expect to work in your new career.