Three Cover Letter Myths That You May Still Believe

employersAs competition for jobs becomes more and more cutthroat, your cover letter becomes more central in an employer?s hiring decision process. Throughout the years, several myths have surfaced regarding the proper way to compose a cover letter. Here are three myths that are simply outdated and lower your chances of catching a potential employer?s eye.

1. Draw attention to the particular prior experiences that are pertinent to the wanted job
To an employer looking over cover letters and resumes, this may seem a bit redundant. Employers are knowledgeable enough to scan your resume and decide which prior experiences are relevant to the open position. Use the cover letter to show an employer that you understand what the company requires from a new employee. Show the potential employer that you recognize the company?s values and objectives.

2. Use as much formal language as possible
Although using a professional tone is crucial in a cover letter, simply using a thesaurus to find complex words will not impress a prospective employer. The most important objective of a cover letter is to let your personality shine through. This does not mean that you should write a cover letter full of jokes; however, it is essential that your cover letter stands out from the rest and is full of life, as opposed to dry and dull.

3. Keep it short and sweet
The old rule was to keep your cover letter short and sweet and let your resume speak for itself; however, in this fiercely competitive job market, many people will have impressive resumes. A cover letter is not meant to be an introduction to a resume anymore. Many employers now do not put as heavy focus on prior experience. Depending on the position, it is likely they want a hard worker with a shining personality. As mentioned in myth number two, personality is what catches a potential employer?s attention.

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