Thinking Out of the Box: How Koereyelle DuBose Launched Her Businesses

koeMany times, the best entrepreneurial ideas come out of? personal experiences. And in the case of Koereyelle DuBose, her light bulb went off after a romance that didn?t go as planned. After thinking she met ?Mr. Right,? he did a 360 on her. And she started wondering if other women had gone through anything similar and how she could help them get back on track from heartbreak. She launched the SingleWives Club in 2011.

Based in Atlanta, the organization?s objectives include uplifting women through classes and workshops to help them go to the next level – not just personally, but professionally as well. DuBose describes SingleWives Club as an education and empowerment organization for single women who are preparing for marriage and covers such topics as finances, home economics and relationship readiness.

?I created The Single Wives Club when I ended an engagement and realized I wasn’t prepared to become a wife. I knew there were certain skills that I needed and found that there were ZERO resources available for single women preparing for marriage, so I created it! Society typically overlooks single women, but we need support too,? says DuBose. So she created a resource.

?The Single Wives Club provides a safe place for women to tap into their softer side and pursue their personal goals. Our community supports single women while providing them with real solutions,? she notes, and adds the organization will be expanding. ?In 2017, we’re launching our digital membership platform that will allow women all over the world to educate themselves and engage with one another. For now, we offer resources for personal development online,? explains DuBose, who used to be an elementary school teacher before she decided to take the entrepreneurial step.

Besides The Single Wives Club, DuBose also started the ReadyToWERK organization, targeting female would-be entrepreneurs. ??As the creator of ReadyToWERK, I empower entrepreneurs to become their best, build their brand and be their own boss. I am currently on tour to assist entrepreneurs around the country,? she says. And DuBose is already branding the concept. She published the ?WERK 101: Get-Your-Life-Together Guide,? which is described as a guide that shares health, wealth and lifestyle lessons for the modern-day woman.

DuBose says her ultimate goal with both organizations and the guide is to help women deal with life and work. ?Many professional women spend all of their time, effort and energy focusing on their professional goals and often neglect their personal ones. I truly believe we have to put forth equal effort if we want to create a happy home and work life,? she says.